Learning Preposition of direction

What is Preposition?

A Preposition is a word placed before a noun or a pronoun to show in what relation the person or thing denoted by it stands in regard to something else.

1. There is a cow in the field.
2. He is fond of tea.

What are the types of Preposition?

1. Preposition of Location
'Preposition of Location' specifies the current location of the subject. Prepositions of Location are used when we want to give exact location of an item to the user. Commonly used prepositions of location are in, at, inside, etc.
2. Preposition of Time
'Preposition of time' indicates the time at which the action happened. It adds extra information to the verb. Commonly used prepositions of time are in, before, after, etc.

3. Preposition of direction/movement
'Preposition of direction' specifies the direction in which the subject is moving. Commonly used prepositions of direction/movement are into, through, across, etc.

Preposition of Direction

Preposition of direction specifies where the user needs to go or  where to put something.

Some examples are to, on, onto, in, and into.


Preposition  Use Example
To 'To'  is used when there is a specific destination in mind. The  destination can be number of things. I am going to the doctor's. The bathroom is to your lefr
Towards When one has movement in a particular direction in mind, rather than simply a destination. He was walking menacingly towards me.
Through Within a space, which can be thought of as surrounding, enclosing or around the object The train went through the tunnel.
Into Movement from the outside to the inside of something that can be imagined as surrounding, enclosing or around the object. He got into the car
Accross To describe something’s position when it is at the opposite end from one’s position We went to the restaurant across the road.
Over To describe something’s position when it is above something else The bottle is in the cabinet over the sink in the kitchen.
Behind When something is behind a second thing, the first thing is in back of the second. Our house is behind the supermarket.
Below lower than any object Death Valley is 86 meters below sea level.
Along The collective position of a group of things that are in a line He lived in one of the houses along the river