Tangent - Radius Property
1)At the point of contact, the angle between radius and tangent to a circle is

2)Is it possible that a tangent can touch the circle at more than one point ?

3)A line intersecting a circle in two points is called a _______ .

4)A tangent PQ at a point P of a circle of radius 5 cm meets a line through the centre O at a point Q so that OQ = 12 cm. Length PQ is :

5)The tangent to a circle is ___________ to the radius through the point of contact.

6)What is the name of the point which is common to circle and the tangent?

7)A circle may have.....

8)The line intersecting a circle at exactly one point is called as __

9)The tangent line to a circle is always parallel to the radius drawn to the point of contact.

10)Tangent L is drawn to a circle with center O and radius OP. Two lines OP’ and OP’’ are drawn from center to a tangent L. Is the length of OP > OP’ and OP’’?