Sum of fractions with same denominators


To find the sum of fractions with same denominators



  • Concept of addition of Natural Numbers.
  • Concept of Fractions.


What is a Fraction?

A fraction is used to represent the part of the whole thing. It represents the equal parts of the whole. A fraction has two parts, namely numerator and denominator. The number on the top is called the numerator, and the number on the bottom is called the denominator.


What is Addition of fractions (with same denominators)?

The addition of like fractions teaches us to add two or more fractions with the same denominators. If the denominators are already same, then it just a matter of adding the numberators.

Example 1:

Add 4/7 and  2/7.


Given: (4/7) + (2/7)

Here, the denominator values are the same, so keep the value as it is.

Now, add the numerator values

(4/7) + (2/7) = (4 + 2)/7

(4/7) + (2/7) =6 /7

Ans = 6/7.