Mid-point theorem

Pre-requisite knowledge:

Two lines are parallel if for a transversal cutting them, the corresponding angles are equal.


As performed in the real lab:

Materials Required:

Colored papers, sketch pens, geometry box, a pair of scissors, fevicol and eraser.


  1. Form a sheet of paper.
  2. Cut a ▲ABC.
  3. Find Mid-points P and Q of AB and AC respectively by paper folding.
  4. Join P and Q by folding and making a crease PQ.
  5. Cut ▲APQ.
  6. Superimpose AQ over QC so that QP falls along CB.


As performed in the simulator:


  1. Create ▲ABC by providing length of each side AB,BC and AC in dimension box.
  2. Mark mid-point of each line AB,BC,AC as P,Q,R respectively.
  3. Now join PQ and QR.
  4. Click on cut triangle button to get replicate triangle of APQ.
  5. Drag this replica and place it at ▲ QRC.



  1. Line PQ || Line BC 
  2. PQ=RC
  3. small PQ = frac{1}{2}	imes BC


“The line segment connecting the midpoints of  two sides of a triangle is parallel to the third side and is congruent to one half of the third side. ”