Volume of right circular cone

As performed in the real lab:

Materials required:

3 sets of a cone and cylinder. In each set, the cone and cylinder have the same height and base radius.


1. Take one set of the cone and cylinder.

2. Fill the cone with sand.

3. Pour the sand from the cone to the cylinder.

4. Fill the cone again with sand and repeat step 3 to fill the cylinder completely with sand.

5. Repeat the activity with other sets of cones.


As performed in the simulator:

1.Check the two checkboxes in the toolbox to generate cone and cylinder.

2.Click on the cone to invert it.

3.Click on next.

4.Click on cone to invert it.

5.Click on jug to fill it with sand.

6.Click on jug to fill it with sand.

7.Click on the tilted cone.

8.Repeat the process for two more times.

9.Repeat the process for one more time.

10.Click on "Next" and follow the derivation.



The student observes that for each set, it needs three pourings from the cone to fill the cylinder completely.