Volume of right circular cylinder

As performed in real lab:

Materials required:

 Thermocol, plastic clay.


  • Make a cylinder of any dimensions using plastic clay. Let its height be h and radius of base circle r.
  • Cut the cylinder into 8 sectorial sections as shown in figure. [Fig a]
  • Place the segments alternately as shown in figure. [Fig b]


           Figure (a)                                                        Figure (b)


As performed in simulator:

  • Create right circular cylinder by providing radius for the base and height of the cylinder.
  • Click on button "Draw Cylinder" to draw cylinder.
  • Click on the cylinder to mark eight sectorial parts on it.
  • Click on each sectorial part to color them differently.
  • Click on the cylinder to cut apart the eight sectorial parts.
  • Click on each sectorial part sequentially from left. This will join all sectorial parts to form a cuboid.


  • The segments approximately form a solid cuboid of height ‘h’, breadth 'r' and length 'П r'.
  • The volume of cuboid = length x breadth x height = l x b x h. =  Пr X r X h = Пr2h
  • Hence, Volume of the cylinder =  Пr2h