Modern periodic table


As performed in the simulator:

  1. To get instructions click on the 'Instructions'.
  2. Use 'Classification of elements' to highlight the elements based on specific property -
    1. Click on 'Non-metals and metalloids' to highlight non-metals and metalloids in the periodic table.
    2. Click on 'Radioactive elements'  to highlight radioactive elements in the periodic table.
    3. Click on 'Metal types' to highlight elements based on metal type in the periodic table.
    4. Click on 'Element states' to highlight element based on their state in the periodic table.
    5. To highlight halogens and the noble gases, click on 'Halogens and Noble gases'. 
    6. To highlight inner transition elements, click on 'Lanthanide and Actinides'.
  3. To get information about an element click on its symbol in the periodic table. The details of the element will be displayed below the periodic table.
  4. If you hover / tap colors displayed in the 'Color convention', only that category of element(s) will be highlighted.