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Class 11
Class 11

Vernier Calipers
Use of Vernier Calipers (i)To measure the diameter of a small spherical / cylindrical body. (ii)To measure the length, width and height of the given rectangular block. (iii)To measure the internal diameter and depth of a given beaker/calorimeter and hence find its volume.
Inclined Plane
To find the downward force, along an inclined plane, acting on a roller due to gravitational pull of the earth and study its relationship with the angle of inclination () by plotting graph between force and sin θ
Parallelogram Law of Vectors.
To find the weight of a given body using parallelogram law of vectors.
Newton's Law of Cooling(Thermal Radiation)
To study the relationship between the temperature of a hot body and time by plotting a cooling curve.
Resonance Column
To find the speed of sound in air at room temperature using a resonance tube by two resonance positions.
Young's Modulus
Determine Young's modulus of elasticity of the material of a given wire
Screw Gauge
Use of screw gauge:(i) to measure diameter of a given wire and (ii) to measure thickness of a given sheet.
Simple pendulum
To plot L-T and L-T2 graphs using a simple pendulum and thus find the; Effective length of the second's pendulum using the appropriate graph. Acceleration due to gravity.
To measure the thickness of a glass strip and to determine the radius of curvature of a given spherical surface.
Beam Balance
To find the mass of the given body by sensibility method, using a beam balance.
To study the relationship between force of limiting friction and normal reaction and to find the co-efficient of friction between a block and a horizontal surface
Helical Spring
To find the force constant of a helical spring by plotting a graph between load and extension.
Surface Tension
To determine the surface tension of water by capillary rise method.
Viscosity of a liquid - Stoke's method
To determine the coefficient of viscosity of a given viscous liquid by measuring terminal velocity of a given spherical body.
Boyle's Law
To study the variation in volume with pressure for a sample of air at constant temperature by plotting graphs between P and V, and between P and 1/v.
1. To study the relation between frequency and length of a given wire under constant tension using sonometer. To plot a graph between ν and l. 2. To study the relation between length of a given wire and tension for constant frequency using sonometer. To plot a graph between l2 and T.