Improving Comprehension Skills
  1. Read the given comprehension  carefully.

    1. Arrange the given jumbled sentences in order as per the passage.

      To check the your answer, click on ‘Submit’ button. The green sentence are the correct position and the red are the wrong position.


  1. For each sentence, check if the sentence is True. Click on submit to check your answer, which is displayed at the right of the question.



  1. Complete the sentences choosing an appropriate option. To check your answer click on ‘Submit’.
  2. Complete the crossword with the help of given clues.
  3. To reveal the answer of particular row/column click on it and click on respective row/column Reveal’ button e.g. ‘Reveal 3D’.
  4. To check your particular answer click on the respective row/column ‘Check’ button e.g. ‘Check 3D’.
  5. To check all your answer click on ‘Check All’ button.