Verification of Hooke's Law

As performed in the lab

Materials Required -

A spring, a measuring ruler and weights.

Procedure -

  1. Hang a spring from a horizontal metal rod.
  2. Attach a mass hanger directly to the bottom of the hanging spring and record the position of the bottom of the mass hanger relative to a meter stick.
  3. Hang a weight from the spring and wait for it to come to rest.
  4. Record the final position of the mass hanger.
  5. Calculate increase in length and and note in the "Observation Table".
  6. Repeat the above steps with different weights.
  7. Plot a graph with your readings. Force applied (mass X gravity) vs Increase in length (Initial length - Final Length).

As performed in the simulator

  1. Click on the weight to be attached to the spring.
  2. Allow the spring to come to rest.
  3. Record the reading on the scale in the "Observation Table".
  4. Repeat the procedure for other weights.
  5. Once all the readings are recorded in the "Observation Table", click on "Plot" button to plot the graph.