To study reflection in concave mirror

As performed in the lab:

Materials required:

A concave mirror, a mirror holder, a semi transparent screen fixed to a stand and a small candle with stand.


  1. Fix the concave mirror in the mirror holder and place it on edge of the table.
  2. Mount a small candle vertically on a stand. Place it in front of the concave mirror on the left hand side (i.e. shiny surface) say on focus 'F'.
  3. Place the screen such that the lower level of screen must be so arranged that it remains just above the principal axis of the mirror. 
  4. Locate a sharp image of candle by adjusting the position of the screen. Note and record the position and nature of the image formed on the screen. 
  5. Repeat the experiment by placing candle at different positions as mentioned in observation table [Table 1] below.

Table 1: Observation table



As performed in the simulator:

  1. Select "Show Labels" checkbox to view all labels in the simulation.
  2. Select "Show Help" checkbox to view help to use the simulation.
  3. Drag the "Object" (candle) along principal axis by clicking on blue point over the candle and observe the nature of the "Image" being formed.
  4. Select "Show Rays" checkbox to see how the image gets formed. 
  5. Place the object at different positions (as mentioned in the observation table [Table 1] given above) and note down the observations in the observation table by clicking on "Observation" tab.
  6. Click on Submit, to verify your observations. Correct observations will be highlighted in green, and incorrect ones will be highlighted in red.