To study refraction of light in rectangular glass slab
1)A ray of light incident on one of the parallel faces of a rectangular glass slab, emerges out of the opposite parallel face

2)The path of a ray of light passing through a rectangular slab was traced and angles measured. Which one out of the following is the correct representation of an angle of incidence i, angle of refraction r and angle of emergence e as show in the diagrams


3)Why does bending of light takes place ?

4)In which direction does a ray bend when it travels from a denser medium to a rarer medium :

5)Refractive index is the property of :

6)Does the refractive index of substance change with the colour of light ?

7)Give the example of total internal reflection :

8)What is critical angle ?

9)What is the advantage of "total internal reflection" over reflection ?

10)What do you mean by the statement "Refractive Index of glass is 1.5"